fsAJ Legal Services ™️©️®️ Inc. Ltd. LLC

A leading FSX multi player corporation for laggy ATC, dictatorship, and lawsuits against minors. With dedicated laptops and half a staff team fsATC provides a hell like dictatorship for FSX players, both experts and beginners alike. Well trained staff members help to enforce policies voted on by the supreme leaders counsel.

A once proud community, now suppressed by fraudulent leadership, struggling to find closure.

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Did you know?

28 year old Arturas Kerelis, better known as AJ sued the 14 year old user known as RedMugs. He filed a lawsuit against a minor. He also has a history of being a con artist (more Information below).

Twitter post about Arturas (by Asher Langton)
Another Twitter post about Arturas (by Asher Langton)
Gizmodo Article about Arturas (by AJ Dellinger (thats not the AJ we are talking about))

I guess some people just don't have morals.

Oh god, get me out of there!

So many rules

Don't want to read through pages upon pages full of rules? Over at Downwind we try to be less strict so you guys can have the most fun without having to be scared of having a lawsuit filed against you all the time! xD

Try it now

Strips system

Over at Downwind we use the Flight Strips system made by Salad. It is designed to make ATCing fun and efficient! It has many many cool features including Airline detection, a list of Procedures for each airport, Live METAR and much more!

Really? I want to join!

So, what is holding you back?

Come and join us over at Downwind. A server that was made to be a fun environment for everyone.

Ok you got me